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The website of MAG GERMANY, that aims at providing services focused on customer satisfaction and safety, mag-germany.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") adopts the following basic rules in order to protect the privacy of the information you have provided.

On our website, only product/service applications and information entries for update reasons are conducted.

For the safety of the information entered into our website, the system and the Internet infrastructure of our company is kept at the best possible security level and the required precautions have been taken. The information entered by our customers for product/service applications and information update cannot be viewed by other Internet users. Unauthorized access to the information shared with us by our customers was restricted, including that of the MAG GERMANY employees.

Unless the respective consent is received from the customers or it is legally obliged to do so, MAG GERMANY shall not share the information in question with any third person, organization, and institution.

MAG GERMANY can only disclose such information within the framework of the required authorizations and legal arrangements. When MAG GERMANY is asked to reveal such information by the respective regulatory authorities and/or legislative and enforcement bodies and authorities, MAG GERMANY shall disclose such information only within the limits of the required authorizations.

Our website gives links to other websites. Our covenants available in our Privacy Policy are in force only within our website and do not cover other websites. Regarding the utilization in the websites that will be reached through our website by means of the given links, the privacy assurance and terms of use of such sites shall apply. Utilization, ethics, confidentiality principles, qualification, and service quality of the other websites being reached through our website for the reasons of advertisements, banners, contents, or otherwise, as well as any material/immaterial damages and losses shall not be under the responsibility of MAG GERMANY.

The copyrights regarding the information, material, available on our website, and their arrangement, belong to MAG GERMANY. All the copyrights concerning the information and materials contained in our website and belonging to third persons, registered trademarks, patents, intellectual property and other property rights are reserved for our company.

For your questions and recommendations you may call the Customer Information Line +49 (7031) 71528-92.

Legal information

The images, remarks, and the entire range of products and services published on mag-germany.com can be modified without prior notice. These pieces of information do not constitute any guaranty or covenant.

The vehicle brands and reference numbers on mag-germany.com were provided only for information and assessment reasons. For your questions and recommendations, you may call the Customer Information Line +49 (7031) 71528-92.